Scaling Businesses, Entrepreneurship and Culture | Braden Voigt CEO and Founder Lynkz | Ep1

Georgie Hubbard
Georgie Hubbard

Scaling Businesses, Entrepreneurship and Culture | Braden Voigt CEO and Founder Lynkz | Ep1

On today’s episode of The Mind To Lead podcast I dive deep into the mind of Braden Voigt.

Braden is the founder and CEO of Lynkz, a global software development company specialising in AI/ML and Cognitive services.

Braden is an exceptional business owner and leader. Recently he won Young Entrepreneur of the Year 2019 in the Technology Category.

Today I explore with Braden the routines he has built to get himself into the mindset to learn and grow.

 The advice he would give someone looking to make the jump to entrepreneurship and, what characteristics he looks for in people when hiring for his team.

So get ready to learn from one of the most motivated people I have ever met in Episode 1 of The Mind To Lead Podcast.

Some questions I ask:

  • How do you remain so motivated? (17:14)
  • What routines do you have that get you into the mindset of a leader? (19:10)
  • What advice Braden has for entrepreneurs wanting to make a step into the business world (20:45)
  •  What characteristics does Braden looks for when hiring? (21:43)
  • How does Braden go about setting goals? (22:40)
  • How does Braden define success? (24:14)

Today you will learn:

  • What mistakes Braden has made throughout his businesses so that you don’t make the same.
  • Braden’s thoughts and ideas around building a great culture, especially with a dispersed work force.
  • The importance of having and developing softer skills
  • The two biggest traits of a World Class leader.
  • Plus much more…

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