Staying calm in the chaos of COVID-19 | Candice Olivier Karma Collab Hub | Ep 11

Georgie Hubbard
Georgie Hubbard

Staying calm in the chaos of COVID-19 | Candice Olivier Karma Collab Hub | Ep 11

During these unprecedented times across the globe with COVID-19, it becomes even more important to remain calm and not bring negative energy into the environment, especially in the work place.

“Having that calmness in the community and being supportive is what will hold us together.”

Welcome to this week’s episode of The Mind to Lead. Today I sat down with Candice Olivier.

Candice moved to Australia from Zimbabwe in 2007 and immediately started to look for opportunities to succeed. 

It wasn’t only out of despair to support her family but feeling blessed for being in a position to achieve whatever she set her mind too.

Her experiences have included moving abroad to follow business opportunities, and opening businesses, learning from every failure! (well most of them!)

Candice witnessed growth on a personal level in 2019 that lead her to close her corporate business and walk away from her corporate life and ego.

Candice finally deciding to follow her heart and do what she has always felt was lacking in her endeavours.

“Creating a positive social impact.”

Candice is now even thirstier for this to be on a global scale after having not pursued this earlier.

Candice’s goal is to have an extensive list of successful businesses and entrepreneurs. Working with them to create more sustainable ecosystems in their workplace that are heart-driven to make wealth and with that successfully contribute on a MASSIVE ACTION scale.

What you will learn from this week’s podcast:


  • Don’t let your ego take control
  • Find what works best for you when it comes to your mental and physical wellbeing.
  • How can leaders need to remain calm during the chaos of COVID-19?
  • Plus much more

Questions I asked Candice:


 (1:59) Who is Candice, and what has brought you to this moment now?

(4:14) So how did you go from hospitality to a corporate job?

(8:32) You mentioned you had an awakening while at the debt collector company. What happened?

(14:20) Deep down, the role seemed to eat away at your soul?

(16:15) Where does the hunger for success come?

(19:00) The desire to start and do something for yourself regardless of your upbringing.

(20:03) You mentioned you became depressed and burnt out, what were the signs, and what were your biggest learnings from it?

(23:40) What do you do now to avoid going down the route of burnout? Do you have any routines or habits?

(33:30) When did you start Karma Collab creative hub? 

(41:35) With everything going on with the Corona Virus currently, where you see a lot of business owners every day, what are you noticing? What are you doing to make sure your space is protected and any advice you’d give to business owners right now?

(48:08) What does success look like for you?

(51:33) Where can people find you, Candice?

Connect with Candice

Instagram – @karmacollabhub

Website –

Connect with Georgie

Instagram – @georgielhubbard

Linkedin – /georgiehubbard

Facebook – /georgielhubbard

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