Seek clarity and purpose through the power of meditation | Troy Haines, founder of theSPACE | Ep3

Georgie Hubbard
Georgie Hubbard

Seek clarity and purpose through the power of meditation | Troy Haines, founder of theSPACE | Ep3

Welcome to today’s episode of The Mind To Lead Podcast. Today I sat down with Troy Haines.

Troy owns an incubator in North QLD, Cairns.

Troy grew up a “highly sensitive person,” and he only discovered what it meant when his son went to school

Sensitivity, open to more stimuli, and if not processed correctly, it can be overwhelming, and sensitivity for Troy caused a lot of suffering growing up, which got him on the personal development path.

Not knowing what he wanted to do out of school, he did a marketing degree and diploma in business, after which, he ultimately fell into owning a travel business.

But it wasn’t what he was passionate about.

Through having a meditation practice it helped him to discover who he was, but by that time he was stuck in the business.

Although Troy had success with the online travel business, he is now a part of Transformative Technologies throughout Australia, supporting people and entrepreneurs create technology around mental health wellbeing and human thriving.

Having moved away from the travel business and into Transformative Technologies, he now feels he’s living his purpose. The suffering or some part of it diminished.

His mission in life is to help people to become more conscious on the planet and to live as a full expression of who they are.

Some questions I asked Troy:

(4:10) what process did you go through to transition from running the business that you felt stuck in, to the company that you run and own now?

(6:30) What steps do you believe are the right steps to go from where people are to where people want to be?

(10:35) What would you say to people who say they are too busy to meditate?

(12:21) For people wanting to get into meditation, what would you recommend that has worked well for you?

(15:45) Do you have any habits or daily rituals that get you into the right state?

(18:24) How important do you think making time for yourself is?

(19:25) If you could advise, people trying to start a business. What’s the one thing you believe someone should master to maintain that good headspace every day?

(21:10) What traits do you see with the entrepreneurs you work with?

(22:15) What advice would you give to someone thinking about going out on their own or starting a new business?

(24:11) What advice would you give to keep that motivation and self-belief going when starting a business?

(25:19) What do you do in terms of growth and personal development from one day to the next?

(26:52) How do you go about setting your goals and mapping them out?

(28:59) How important is it to have goals across all areas of your life?

(29:48) What does work-life balance mean to you?

(31:34) How important is being grateful for the things we’ve already got while we work towards our dreams?

(35:16) Where would you advise people to start with a gratitude practice?

(37:46) What does success mean to you?

(40:52) What does an exceptional life look like to you?

Links from the Show:

Positive Prime – “vision board on steroids.”

Troy Haines on LinkedIn  

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