Stepping outside of our comfort zone | Steve Dalton | Ep 10

Georgie Hubbard
Georgie Hubbard

Stepping outside of our comfort zone | Steve Dalton | Ep 10

Do you find it hard to step outside your comfort zone?


Welcome to this week’s episode of The Mind To Lead, today I sat down with Steve Dalton.


Steve is a serial starter and wears many hats. He is one of the founders of Refactor, a technology company based in the Gold Coast focusing on both software AND hardware.


Steve also hosts many community events, including Toast Masters Gold Coast, a supportive and positive meet-up experience in which members develop communication and leadership skills resulting in greater self-confidence and personal growth.


And TechSpace, a physical place where people come to hack around with and learn about technology. Including software, hardware, robotics, green technology, or anything else that takes your fancy.


Things you will learn in this week’s episode:


  • How Steve built his self-belief and confidence from being a shy child at school.
  • Why and how anyone can be a mentor.
  • What choices Steve made to step outside of his comfort zone resulting in higher levels of growth.
  • Plus much more.


Questions I asked Steve:


(1:05) Introduction to Steve Dalton


(2:15) We met through Toast Masters which you started. Tell us more about that.


(5:22) Why do we have this fear of public speaking?


(6:46) You said you were quite a shy child at school, how did you go about creating that confidence, because you’re now able to public speak?


(10:07) There is a lot of fear circulating right now. How can people not “care” as much about what others think?


(15:12) You have ten people in your team. What kind of leader are you?


(17:20) What has been your biggest challenge as a leader, and what failures have you made?


(20:15) Let’s talk about TechSpace; I’d love to know more about that.


(24:00) Technology has advanced us so much, but we’re becoming less social, and now people are looking for a connection. So what’s happening at TechSpace is incredible.


(27:10) You said you are mentoring startups. What is your experience with helping entrepreneurs and founders start new businesses?


(30:10) Are there any common questions that you get asked when you’re mentoring.


(32:56) How important do you think understanding your “why” is when starting a new venture or business?


(36:20) Do you have any routines that you do every morning to get you ready for your team?


(37:25) If you show up at work and you don’t feel your best, is there any tips or tactics you do to ensure you’re there for your team.


(38:52) How important do you think it is for people to have a bit of a structure.


(42:20) With a large team, If one of your members wants to interrupt you, how do you go about setting boundaries?


(45:54) What are three skills you think every leader should master?


Connect with Steve

LinkedIn – /dalton


Connect with Georgie

Instagram – @georgielhubbard

Linkedin – /georgiehubbard

Facebook –  /georgielhubbard


Books Mentioned

Radical Candor – Kim Scott

Lean Startup – Eric Ries

Getting things done – David Allen

Thinking fast and slow – Daniel Kahnemann

High-Performance Habits – Brendon Burchard  

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